Fundraising Alternatives


When your organization selects their fundraiser, you generally have two choices.

Offer overpriced “stuff” people don’t use. 

Let us explain... 


Our Fundraisers :

Offering plants and products most people plan to buy year after year!


Our Alternative Naturally Sustainable Fundraisers

  Deliveries begin late April.

Order taking begins in August / Orders placed by Mid September / Deliveries begin mid September – Mid October

Fall Mumkins & Mumsters

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How To Run A Foertmeyer & Sons Plant Sale

Poinsettas, Greens, & Gifts

Orders by Nov. 14th / Deliveiries post-Thanksgiving

Orders by Nov. 14th / Deliveiries post-Thanksgiving

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Click to Download Catalog

Spring Flower & Garden Plants

Order taking begins February.

Orders place by Mid April

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Year Round Offering!

Now that you've seen all of the great fundraising options we have available, you might be thinking “Ok! This all looks amazing, but surely there are a lot of logistics involved... How can I make this work for us?

Don’t worry! 

Check out the video above for an overview, and download the “Planning Your Fundraiser” pdf for a detailed step by step so that your sale turns out not only easy, but fun! 

We have every detail covered and loads of information to make running a Foertmeyer & Sons sale a breeze! 

Check out the video below for an excellent 10 step breakdown on putting together your Fundraiser! Also be sure to view the second video and download the .pdf guide. 

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Now in the

Micro Spring Catalog!

A customer representative will provide a full training program ! 

Download: Planning Your Fundraiser.pdf

Download: Micro Spring Catalog 2017.pdf

Pollinator Pals!


Fall Mumkin & Mumster Catalog

Download: Poinsettia Catalog 2017_WEB.pdf

Download: Greenery Catalog 2017_WEB.pdf