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Not only do we have just about every plant in a wide range of categories, we also offer event planning services, fundraising programs, group classes, a do-it-yourself plant bar, and more! 

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 Foertmeyer and Sons has always been known for having the hard-to-find veggies and herbs that gardeners love. We offer classes in which gardeners will learn how to grow veggies, tomatoes and herbs easier than ever before! We can show you all of the new, all-natural organic products that make our gardens taste better than ever before! Mother Nature truly does do it best!



Ever wish you could bring a touch of the tropics back home with you? Well now you most certainly can! Foertmeyer and Sons Greenhouses will demonstrate and teach you how to have a hassle-free, exotic tropical garden right in your own backyard staycation getaway! Learn how to use cannas, banannas, coleus, hibiscus, mandevilla vines, palms and jasmine trees to create your own tropical paradise.

Premium Hanging Baskets

We start our hanging baskets in the earliest stage of spring to produce the hardiest hanging baskets on the market. Our premium options are incredibly resilient and guaranteed to please! Come on down to see our extensive offerings in the hanging basket category!


Easily the most drought tolerant and weather change resistant plant category. We have a huge assortment of succulents available – both young and larger, five year old plants that have nearly grown to their full potential. If you want plants that require minimal maintenence, this is what you want! We also offer group classes where we can teach you about these amazing plants!  



Perennials come in so many shapes sizes and levels of resilience. Typically these are considered a low maintenence plant category due to the fact that they grow back year after year. This category also spans decorative and edible plants – whether they be vines, shrubs, ground cover, shade or sun loving. Whatever your needs are, we have you covered!


Annuals are a staple of any garden and planting arrangement – as fillers, spillers, or thrillers, we guarantee there is something here for you! Give us a call or come on down to our greenhouse to find what you need, or book a group class and enjoy our one of a kind plant bar with friends, family, or coworkers! Check out the videos  at the bottom of the page for great tips/tricks on planting annuals in arrangements!

At Foertmeyer and Sons Greenhouse, we pride ourselves with offering the highest quality plant material in Central Ohio and professional advice that will empower you to be a great gardener. We have been operation and family owned for over 25 years, bringing the best in botanicals to every corner of Ohio – but it’s more than just the plants we grow, it’s how we grow them! Our state of the art greenhouse has been consistently updated with the latest environmental standards to make our business as ecologically mindful as possible. We value not just quality product, but quality relationships and service – we guarantee an experience will have you coming back year after year! 

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Other Services

Other Services

Fairy Gardens

 We stock every item the imagination desires for the Fairy Garden of your Dreams! Tiny garden tools to tiny garden stools and table sets. All the minute vine cover and plant life that gives a fairy garden it’s surreal scale. Whimsical statues and landscape props galore! Come in to see our impressive array of fairy garden features – we’ve been supplying happy customers year after year!