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After years of working in the fundraising industry, our president and founder, Mark Foertmeyer, noticed a shocking truth: “Traditional” fundraiser items do not have any value. The industry was in a race to the bottom, and it came at the expense of the customer's experience. Mark knew that a fundraiser should be more than that. He took all of his fundraising experience, mixed with years of knowledge and a passion for horticulture, to create Foertmeyer and Sons Greenhouse.

In 1988, we disrupted the fundraising industry by offering a long-term, highly sustainable program our customers and community look forward to year after year. These customers were immediately able to see the value of what they were selling; as a result, over 90% of our customers have continued to partner with us.

At Foertmeyer & Sons, the real product is more than just fresh, healthy, beautiful plants - it is a strong partnership with our customers that will grow and adapt to their needs. We do this by providing unyielding demand for quality and a sustainable program that communities anticipate annually. C ontact us and see the Foertmeyer Difference for yourself!

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Retail Store Permanently Closed

News & Updates

We made the difficult decision to permanently close our retail store. We would like to thank our customers for 25+ years of loyalty and friendship. We are so thankful for your support throughout the years.

This change, although difficult, is due to the fact that we have greater positive impact in many local communities, state-wide with our fundraising programs. Additionally, we have helped raise nearly $40 million in funds for schools and other communal groups since 1988. It is because of this mission and influence in these communities, that we are deciding to focus on the fundraising portion of our business.

We look forward to continuing to provide our customers with our quality products through our fundraising sales. Ordering in 2019 will never be easier; our online store will be available to every group starting this spring. Please feel free to contact us to find a group near you!


An article posted on Garden Center's media page describes our closing with some additional comments:











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