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After years of working in the fundraising industry, our president and founder, Mark Foertmeyer, noticed a shocking truth: “Traditional” fundraiser items do not have any value. The industry was in a race to the bottom, and it came at the expense of the customer's experience. Mark knew that a fundraiser should be more than that. He took all of his fundraising experience, mixed with years of knowledge and a passion for horticulture, to create Foertmeyer and Sons Greenhouse.

In 1988, we disrupted the fundraising industry by offering a long-term, highly sustainable program our customers and community look forward to year after year. These customers were immediately able to see the value of what they were selling; as a result, over 90% of our customers have continued to partner with us.

At Foertmeyer & Sons, the real product is more than just fresh, healthy, beautiful plants - it is a strong partnership with our customers that will grow and adapt to their needs. We do this by providing unyielding demand for quality and a sustainable program that communities anticipate annually. Contact us and see the Foertmeyer Difference firsthand!



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