A: Reach out to the school that you purchased them from. They will have a point of contact to resolve any issues.  

Q: Who do I contact with any issues with the plants I purchased?

A: Some of our decorative mumster pots were delayed in transit. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have these delivered to the school within the next one to two weeks. You will be contacted by the school when they arrive.

Q: I didn't receive the decorative pot with the mum I purchased.

A: Due to supply chain constraints, there is limited inventory this Fall. We apologize for the inconvenience. Follow us on Facebook for the latest updates on item availability.

Q: Will you be restocking sold out items this year?

A: We are currently booked for our 2021 Fall and Winter programs, but have room in our 2022 programs. Click here to contact us about signing up.  Contact us form on our website (Click here!)

Q: How can my school participate in one of your 3 seasonal flower fundraisers?

A: We suggest asking your local elementary school if they are participating in our Mumkin sale this year. If not, have them contact us via Contact us form on our website (Click here!) to learn more about our flower fundraisers. Unfortunately, we do not disclose the list of schools we work with.

Q: What schools near me are selling Mumkins this year?

Q: Are your mums hardy? Will it come back next year?

A: Fall mums are no longer considered hardy mums. But if you do plant your mum try the following. First cut off all dead blooms but leave as much green foliage. Secondly plant in a full sun area in your flower beds. Once the ground freezes (this is the most important) mulch your mum in with 4+ inches of mulch or ground up leaves. If they start growing again in the spring, start feeding and four times before the 4th of July trim back to 6”- 8” from the ground to make it branch.

A: We classify our Fall Mums as annuals in temperate zone 4-6.

Q: Are mums perennials or annuals?

Q: Will the “Hair Club for Mums” fit all the Mumkin and Mumster pots?

A: Yes!  All “Hair Club for Mums” will fit all of our Mumkin and Mumster pots.

A: Unfortunately, we do not have that option available at this time.

Q: Do we ship directly to customers?