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For our Spring Flower sale, we offer a wide variety of hanging baskets, annuals, planters, and edibles. If you're looking for a great spring fundraising program, this is it. All of our plants are finished products and are delivered right to your school for parents to pickup! We believe that it is important to provide you and your customers with a fundraising product that provides value to everyone. This is your perfect spring fundraiser.



Our flowers are grown to be strong and long lasting. Many of our annual varieties last until fall! Most fundraising companies sell you on products that many people do not want, nor do they have longevity. In contrast, we pride ourselves on the quality of plants we provide you. We look forward to providing you and your community with our beautiful spring selections.




Have been a long time customer and have always been pleased with the variety of different plants!

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Beautiful flowers. No matter what I have bought or what my students sell we always receive LOTS of compliments!

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PTO Chair

We just referred another school district to Foertmeyer! They saw how successful we have been! Thanks to the amazing team at Foertmeyer!

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